Higher Education

Simple process for online examination

1. Create

Create online exams class and subject wise.

2. Conduct

Share exam link with students via email.

3. Monitor

Monitor remotely and do real-time chat with students.

4. Analyse

Analyse auto-evaluated results and export data.

How we help your institution?

Class and subject wise exams

Easily create and configure class and subject wise online examinations using our best online examination software. Disamina also helps you conduct entrance exam in easy way.

Conduct exams in cheat-free environment

Invigilators can check the students taking exams from their location. A detailed log of students’ activities and captured screen is provided. All shortcut keys and browser switching is disabled.

Question shuffling and diversified types

Add your own different types of question such as MCQ, Multiple Choice, Essay Type, etc. Upload photo, video, or rich text in your question. Auto-pick different questions for each students and shuffle the questions’ order.

Automate grading and reporting

Disamina calculates grades automatically and generates comprehensive reports. Download reports in pdf/excel and view details such as the total time taken to complete the examination, the total number of attempts made, scores, and more…

Advantages of using Disamina

Easy To Use

Simple process for faculties and students.

Time Saving

Save time in creating exams and generating reports.

Lower Costs

Avoid all overhead costs for taking and monitoring examinations.

Highly Flexible

Option to customise as per requirements with white labeling.​